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There are three types of resolvers, each used for different types of modules:

  • compiler.resolvers.normal: Resolve a normal module.
  • compiler.resolvers.context: Resolve a context module.
  • compiler.resolvers.loader: Resolve a loader.

Any plugin should use this.fileSystem as fileSystem, as it's cached. It only has async named functions, but they may behave sync, if the user uses a sync file system implementation (i. e. in enhanced-require).

To join paths any plugin should use this.join. It normalizes the paths. There is a this.normalize too.

A bailing async forEach implementation is available on this.forEachBail(array, iterator, callback).

To pass the request to other resolving plugins, use the this.doResolve(types: String|String[], request: Request, message: String, callback) method. types are multiple possible request types that are tested in order of preference.

interface Request {
  path: String // The current directory of the request
  request: String // The current request string
  query: String // The query string of the request, if any
  module: boolean // The request begins with a module
  directory: boolean // The request points to a directory
  file: boolean // The request points to a file
  resolved: boolean // The request is resolved/done
  // undefined means false for boolean fields

// Examples
// from /home/user/project/file.js: require("../test?charset=ascii")
  path: "/home/user/project",
  request: "../test",
  query: "?charset=ascii"
// from /home/user/project/file.js: require("test/test/")
  path: "/home/user/project",
  request: "test/test/",
  module: true,
  directory: true

resolve(context: String, request: String)

Before the resolving process starts.

resolve-step(types: String[], request: Request)

Before a single step in the resolving process starts.

module(request: Request) async waterfall

A module request is found and should be resolved.

directory(request: Request) async waterfall

A directory request is found and should be resolved.

file(request: Request) async waterfall

A file request is found and should be resolved.

The plugins may offer more extensions points

Here is a list what the default plugins in webpack offer. They are all (request: Request) async waterfall.

The process for normal modules and contexts is module -> module-module -> directory -> file.

The process for loaders is module -> module-loader-module -> module-module -> directory -> file.


A module should be looked up in a specified directory. path contains the directory.

module-loader-module (only for loaders)

Used before module templates are applied to the module name. The process continues with module-module.