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    "red": "red",
    "green": "green",
    "blue": "blue"


    "red": "rot",
    "green": "gr�n"

call it

// assuming our locale is "de-de-berlin"
var locale = require("i18n!./colors.json");

// wait for ready, this is only required once for all locales in a web app
// because all locales of the same language are merged into one chuck
locale(function() {
    console.log(; // prints rot
    console.log(; // prints blue


You should tell the loader about all your locales, if you want to load them once and than want to use them synchronous.

    "i18n": {
        "locales": [
        // "bundleTogether": false
        // this can disable the bundling of locales

alternative calls

require("i18n/choose!./file.js"); // chooses the correct file by locale,
                    // but it do not merge the objects
require("i18n/concat!./file.js"); // concatinate all fitting locales
require("i18n/merge!./file.js"); // merges the resulting objects
                    // ./file.js is excuted while compiling
require("i18n!./file.json") == require("i18n/merge!json!./file.json")

Don't forget to polyfill require if you want to use it in node. See webpack documentation.