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This Webpack loader inlines SVG as module. If you use Adobe suite or Sketch to export SVGs, you will get auto-generated, unneeded crusts. This loader removes it for you, too.


npm install svg-inline-loader --save-dev


Simply add configuration object to module.loaders like this.

        test: /\.svg$/,
        loader: 'svg-inline-loader'

warning: You should configure this loader only once via module.loaders or require('!...'). See #15 for detail.

Query Options


Removes specified tags and its children. You can specify tags by setting removingTags query array.

default: removeTags: false

removingTags: [...string]

warning: this won't work unless you specify removeTags: true

default: removingTags: ['title', 'desc', 'defs', 'style']

warnTags: [...string]

warns about tags, ex: ['desc', 'defs', 'style']

default: warnTags: []

removeSVGTagAttrs: boolean

Removes width and height attributes from <svg />.

default: removeSVGTagAttrs: true

removingTagAttrs: [...string]

Removes attributes from inside the <svg />.

default: removingTagAttrs: []

warnTagAttrs: [...string]

Warns to console about attributes from inside the <svg />.

default: warnTagAttrs: []

classPrefix: boolean || string

Adds a prefix to class names to avoid collision across svg files.

default: classPrefix: false

idPrefix: boolean || string

Adds a prefix to ids to avoid collision across svg files.

default: idPrefix: false

Example Usage

// Using default hashed prefix (__[hash:base64:7]__)
var logoTwo = require('svg-inline-loader?classPrefix!./logo_two.svg');

// Using custom string
var logoOne = require('svg-inline-loader?classPrefix=my-prefix-!./logo_one.svg');

// Using custom string and hash
var logoThree = require('svg-inline-loader?classPrefix=__prefix-[sha512:hash:hex:5]__!./logo_three.svg');

See loader-utils for hash options.

Preferred usage is via a module.loaders:

        test: /\.svg$/,
        loader: 'svg-inline-loader?classPrefix'


Juho Vepsäläinen

Joshua Wiens

Kees Kluskens

Sean Larkin