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This plugin will cause hashes to be based on the relative path of the module, generating a four character string as the module id. Suggested for use in production.

new webpack.HashedModuleIdsPlugin({
  // Options...


This plugin supports the following options:

  • hashFunction: The hashing algorithm to use, defaults to 'md5'. All functions from Node.JS' crypto.createHash are supported.
  • hashDigest: The encoding to use when generating the hash, defaults to 'base64'. All encodings from Node.JS' hash.digest are supported.
  • hashDigestLength: The prefix length of the hash digest to use, defaults to 4.


Here's an example of how this plugin might be used:

new webpack.HashedModuleIdsPlugin({
  hashFunction: 'sha256',
  hashDigest: 'hex',
  hashDigestLength: 20